Here to help 01869 331741

Here to help 01869 331741


EOS magazine runs an in-house picture library which welcomes all types of images shot with EOS cameras and accessories.The library provides photographs for many of the technique articles published in the magazine.

All pictures must be taken with a Canon EOS camera (though not necessarily a Canon lens). We welcome images from photographers based in the UK and around the world.

While we always need outstanding and inspirational images, we particularly require images which demonstrate photographic techniques that can be carried out with EOS cameras, both DSLR and mirrorless. These include exposure compensation, fill-in flash, spot metering, bounce flash, multiple exposures, macro photography, fast AF function, image stabilisation lenses, depth-of-field - in fact, any photo technique or camera function or feature you can think of.

Unlike most other photo libraries, we require full details of the equipment and techniques used for each picture. Ideally, this information should be included in the image file. Many image software programs allow you to add IPTC data, such as captions. You should also add your name and, if possible, email address.

Sadly, we have some excellent images which we are unable to publish because we do not know the name of the photographer.

Comparison shots are one of the strengths of the EOS magazine photo library. The demonstration of a filter, for example, is only really effective if pictures taken both with and without the filter are published. If you are showing how a reflector is used, take some pictures without the reflector. If you are demonstrating spot metering, take a picture to show the same subject shot with centre-weighted metering. Almost every technique will benefit from comparison pictures – and this increases your chances of being published, plus your publication fees!

Using a sequence of photos is often a good way to illustrate a point. For example, take pictures from the same position using different settings of a zoom lens, or lenses of different focal lengths. Not only will you increase the chance of being published, but you will also get paid more if a sequence of pictures is used.


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