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Part of the appeal of EOS magazine is its technique articles. These are packed with information to help readers get more from their EOS camera. Each issue contains a mix of articles covering areas such as camera modes, lenses, flash, choosing and using Canon accessories, and photographing specific subjects with EOS cameras.

Many of the articles are written in-house, but we welcome material from contributors.

The emphasis must be on EOS. We are not interested in articles which could appear in other photo magazines. For example, there is no point in submitting a general article on landscape photography. To be of interest to EOS magazine, a landscape article must talk about the subject in terms of EF lenses and the controls on EOS cameras.

Any photographs submitted with features must have been taken with an EOS camera (though not necessarily a Canon lens).

Study the magazine carefully to see how EOS technique features are written. Information is presented in small easy-to-follow sections with extended captions and helpful margin notes. Ideally, material should be submitted in this style.

EOS magazine readers range from total beginners to experienced professional photographers. You have to write for all these abilities. Margin notes are used to explain basic photographic terms without alienating the more knowledgeable reader. Contributors are expected to supply these notes. Although many EOS cameras share similar features, they do not all work in the same way. If you have the information available, differences in operation should be listed, and it should be made clear which cameras can and cannot be used for a particular technique. Where appropriate, information should be submitted as a chart or table.

Technique features should be given added value. For instance, in a feature about bounce flash, include a side box about taking better pictures with the built-in flash. This helps to ensure that there is something of interest for all readers, even if they don't own the featured equipment. In addition to the main body of text, there should be tips on taking photographs similar to those used in the article, or interesting items about the subject. Technique features vary in length from two to eight pages.

We recommend that you contact EOS magazine before you start work on a feature. We may already be working on a feature with similar content, or we may feel that your idea is not suitable for EOS magazine at the moment. Send an email with an outline of your proposal to:


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