Bounce flash techniques with Speedlites
We want images showing light bounced off a ceiling, but also from walls. Do you have any images where the flash head has been rotated through 180 degrees to bounce the light off a wall behind the camera? Do you have a shot showing a colour cast introduced by bouncing the light off a coloured wall or ceiling?

Second-curtain flash synchronisation
We hardly ever see good examples of this technique, mostly because it is difficult to come up with a suitable subject that does not look contrived. And we need to see the same subject shot with first-curtain synchronisation, as well.

Slow sync flash
Combining a slow shutter speed with flash picks up background detail that would be lost at faster speeds. It is good for interior shots and night scenes. We are looking for stunning pictures which use this technique, plus comparison sequences which show the results of using different shutter speeds.

Flash/exposure compensation
Sequences combining flash exposure compensation with exposure compensation. We need some strong single shots which use this technique, plus an extended sequence showing all the possible combinations with the same subject.

Images made using Canon's PhotoStitch software. We need the finished results as well as the component images.


Flash techniques
We need good images which show techniques possible with Speedlite flashguns. Here are just a few ideas:
• pictures taken with flash off-camera using the Off-Camera Shoe Cord, either to eliminate red-eye or to improve the lighting of the subject. Pictures can show how the lighting changes depending on the position of the Speedlite (left, right or centre). Remember to take pictures using the Speedlite on-camera for comparison purposes.
• pictures taken with the flash on-camera, but using the tilt and/or swivel facility of the flash head to soften the illumination by bouncing the light from a ceiling or wall. Series of pictures showing the different lighting effects produced by bouncing the light from a ceiling and a wall to the left and to the right of the subject.
• pictures taken with different focal length lenses to illustrate the autozoom head feature.
• comparison pictures which show the advantage of using flash exposure lock (FEL), flash exposure compensation (FEC) and flash exposure bracketing (FEB) with different types of subject.
• pictures showing the effect of auto flash reduction
• pictures taken using the Canon wireless flash system
• pictures taken using the built-in flash, especially those which show techniques which make best use of this feature.

Other techniques

Here are some subjects and techniques we may cover in future issues of EOS magazine, especially if we receive good photographs to illustrate them.
• close-up lenses
• extension tubes
• use of ambient light/flash ratio
• high-speed flash
• night photography
• macro lenses
• manual metering
• self-timer
• Macro Ring Lites
• auto exposure bracketing
• exposure compensation
• bulb exposures

Unusual subjects

We want to hear from photographers who have tackled unusual subjects or use a specialist technique (photomicrography, for example, or infrared imaging).

Most contributors either shoot specifically for the EOS magazine photo library or take extra pictures when shooting their usual photographs. It is also worth keeping in mind that images showing faults and mistakes are also useful for illustrating what can go wrong, or what not to do.


Last updated: April 2018

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