The fixed head and lower power flash output of the 300EZ makes the 430EZ a more attractive second-hand buy for a type B camera, though the Speedlite 300EZ could be good value if this is all you need. A-TTL flash mode. Guide number of 30 (ISO 100m) at 70mm zoom head setting. Coverage down to 24mm.

EOS magazine, December 2003, page 38

Type: energy-saving, automatic, electronic flash unit uses A-TTL metering system to measure light reflected from the film surface. Clip-on type with directly coupled contacts. For exclusive use with EOS cameras.
Guide number (at ISO 100):

(The above figures in parentheses indicate the guide numbers in feet at ISO 100.)
Flash coverage angle: covers more than the fields of view of 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 70mm using auto internal zoom mechanism
Recycling time:

Number of flashes:

Based on flash firing at 30 sec intervals with new alkaline or fully-charged Ni-Cd batteries.
Flash duration: 1 msec or less
X-sync. shutter speed:

Flash control system: TTL series control system with preflash function
Flash exposure level control: a maximum of 1.5 BV steps in the A-TTL mode when subject brightness is more than BV5 according to the camera’s metering system
Film speed setting: automatically set by the camera
Automatic shooting distance range:

Based on EF 50mm f1.8 lens at ISO 100. (The automatic shooting distance range extends according to film speed.)
Out-of-coupling range warning: if a subject is too far away, the shutter speed and the aperture value blink in the viewfinder at the first stroke of the shutter button
AF auxiliary light: ultra-bright red LED (peak sensitivity: 700mm) Projected at subject for AF flash photography. The effective distance is approx. 0.9-6m (3-19.7ft.)
Save-energy function: power automatically turns off after five minutes on non-use when the main switch is left on
Ready lamp: as soon as it glows, the camera automatically switches to flash circuit. Yellow-green in the rapid-fire flash status, when sufficiently charged, the colour turns to red. Test firing is possible by pressing the ready lamp after flash charge completion
Power source: four size-AA (LR6) alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries. Carbon-zinc batteries may also be used
Dimensions: 66 (W) x 89 (H) x 100.5 (D)mm
Weight: 215g without batteries; approx. 315g with batteries


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