Twice the power of a built-in flash, but only half that of the 420EX. Useful for fill-in flash outdoors or subjects within 3 or 4 metres indoors. The fixed head means you need Off Camera Shoe Cord for bounce flash photography. High speed (FP) synchronisation. Flash exposure compensation.

EOS magazine, December 2003, page 38

Type: Clip on, E-TTL / TTL auto flash speedlite (auto operation only).
Compatible cameras: A (E-TTL auto flash): EOS 500N, EOS 50/50E, EOS IX/XE.
B (TTL auto flash): All other EOS cameras and the T90.
Guide number: 22 (ISO 100m) / 72.2 (ISO 100ft)
Recycling time and flash capacity:
Power source: LR6 (AM-3)
Recycling time: 0.1 - 4.5
Flash Capacity: 250 - 1700
Power soucre: KR15/51 (Ni Cad)
Recycling time: 0.1 - 2.5
Flash capacity: 100 - 700
*For the flash capacity, the left figures apply to the full output and the right figures apply to the automatic flash output.
Flash coverage:
135 format: 28mm lens
IX240 format: 24mm lens
Flash duration: 1.4 MS or shorter (normal mode) / exposure + 9 MS (FP flash)
Colour temperature: Equivalent daylight
Exposure control: All the following exposure control items are set by the camera:
• sync speed setting
• flash aperture
• film speed
• autoflash exposure control
• flash exposure compensation
• sync timing
• flash range and insufficient flash warning etc
Flash output control: series control
AF-assit beam:
• light source and pattern: ultra-bright red LED with random verticle stripe
• focusing point linkage: linked to the center focusing point
• effective range: approximately 0.7m to 5m (2.3 ft to 16.4 ft)
• mode: FP flash: red lamp lights (normal flash when off)
• flash exposure control mode: E-TTL autoflash indicator: red lamp lights (TTL when off)
• flash aperture indicator: none
• ready light: pilot lamp lights in red
• flash range indicator: none
• flash confirmation: flash confirmation lamp lights in green for approximately 2 seconds after the flash fires
SE (save energy) feature: power turns off automatically after 90 seconds of non-use
Source: foure size AA alkaline batteries (6V)
• Size AA LR6 alkaline batteries recommended
• Size AA NiCad (KR15/51) or lithium (FR6) also can be used
Dimensions: (width) 65 x (height) 92 x (depth) 61.3mm
(width) 2.7 x (height) 3.6 x (depth) 2.4in
Weight: 160g / 5.6oz without batteries
New accessories: soft case (provided)
Compatible existing accessories:
• off camera show cord 2
• TTL hot shoe adaptor 3
• off-camera shoe adaptor
• TTL distributor
• connecting cord 60
• connecting cord 300
High-apeed sync guide number table:

Battery life and recycling time:

* The above figures are based on Canon's standard test method with a new set of batteries


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