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Everything EOS supplement

The new digital-only edition of Everything EOS is available exclusively to subscribers.
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Everything EOS is a project that started with the inception of the Canon EOS system in 1987. It began as a listing in the pages of 'Focus', a forerunner of EOS magazine, and grew to fill several pages in the quarterly editions of EOS magazine by 2002. In 2003 we separated the pages from the main magazine and it became the Everything EOS supplement, printed annually and supplied to all EOS magazine subscribers.


Article extras

Below are additional pages for articles in previous issues of EOS magazine. Click on the article image to download.


Reverse vision, July-September 2011
Setting the aperture on a reversed FD lens




Custom Camera, July-September 2010
This guide lists all of the custom functions of every relevant EOS camera up to June 2010 (please note that the 300D does not offer custom functions)



Black-and-white, April-June 2010
These pages provide step-by-step guide for converting colour images to black-and-white files using Adobe Photoshop Elements, Photoshop and Lightroom.



Wireless World, July-September 2009
The EOS magazine Wireless World ebook is a free downloadable guide to using Canon Wireless File Transmitters with Canon EOS cameras.


Updated version:
June 2018


Useful articles

We've rounded up a few articles from previous issues which we think are handy to have at the click of a mouse. Let us know if there are any other articles from past issues which you'd like to see here, to save you trawling through your printed magazines or dipping into the digital library.

Firmware update, October-December 2012



Error codes, January-March 2014


Everything EOS – printable version

For subscribers who prefer a printed copy, you can also download a single page version that's been optimised for printing at home.

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EOS magazine index

Looking for a specific article? Can't remember which issue featured your camera? Check through the index and find out exactly which issue you need.

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From the archives: EOS magazine film articles

Get nostalgic and relive the classic EOS magazine!EOSmagazineissueone

The original first issue of EOS magazine was launched in 1993 as the first of 14 partworks. Printed versions of some issues have long since been out of print, but for nostalgia's sake we thought you might like to see what was happening in the world of EOS in 1993-1996.


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Here to help 01869 331741