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The ULTIMATE Canon shooter's guide

• Shoot to suit your subject
• 60 recipes for camera settings
• Exposure charts included
• Tips and insights into getting the best results
• Written especially for Canon EOS cameras
• Spice up your photography!

Whilst you might know how to set up your camera for your favourite subject, learning the settings you need for a new area of photography is challenging, as is remembering what (and where) to set things. What you need is a recipe book.

So, that's exactly what Nina has done – created recipes for your photography to use with your Canon EOS camera.

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2ND EDITION, released May 2020

• bigger and better, with 90 extra pages
• brand new section, How to Shoot Indoors
• extended reference section
• relevant to DSLR and mirrorless cameras

That’s why this bumper eBook explaining how to shoot a wide array of subjects during both day and night time, seems like it’s sent from heaven – a guide to help you understand how to assess your environment, the style and feel you’re going for, then the camera settings needed to succeed with the shot.

It's like a photographic recipe book.

This 332-page book is split into sections and it’s interactive too, with chapters and the index linked to make the book faster and easier to navigate on your smart device and computer.

The book starts with a Reference section that looks at the key photographic terms and camera settings that you need to understand to make the most of the book.

The How to Shoot Day section covers diverse subjects such as fast-paced action and long exposures for blurring water, plus challenging subjects such as rainbows, snow scenes and macro.

Includes settings and tips for:

• Landscapes
• Seasonal opportunities: autumn, snow scenes, rainbows
• Sunrise, sunset and rainbows
• Historic buildings and interiors
• Close-ups and macro shots
• Wildlife, animals in captivity
• Birds and aircraft in flight
• High speed action and panning
• Portraits
...and many more!

New to the 2nd edition, the How to Shoot Indoors section takes its inspiration from current times (May 2020), where getting access to regular subjects is limited if not impossible. Instead you'll get ideas and instructions for some home studio set-ups, including lighting and using flash.

The How to Shoot Night section covers the settings and advice for the blue hour, fairgrounds and lantern festivals, as well as more creative techniques such as light trails and zoom bursts.

Includes settings and tips for:

• Shooting at dawn and dusk
• Cityscapes at night and in the blue hour
• Light shows and neon displays
• Fireworks and fairgrounds
• Interiors at night and performances
• Moon and star trails
• Northern lights
• Torchlight parades and Chinese lantern festivals
...and many more!

The feature and function section provides a useful reference for some of the key features that are on the EOS models and gives more detail about them than is possible in each of the specific subject sections. With the 2nd edition, this section has been significantly extended.

What’s more, your ebook includes six exposure charts for different light levels – invaluable as they’ll help you see whether your settings are achievable in a given situation.

This How to Shoot book will provide you with the information that you need to confidently tackle 50 different photographic topics and get great results every time with your Canon EOS camera.

332 pages long

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£17.95 (PDF download)

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