Close-up and macro

By Nina bailey



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Shooting Close up and Macro subjects can be challenging at the best of times. This eBook from Canon-trained tutor Nina Bailey looks at all the techniques that you need to master to get excellent results. It’s a brand new guide for 2020, bringing the techniques bang up to date, and is relevant for both DSLR and mirrorless cameras in the Canon EOS system.

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This 219-page ebook starts with a reference section, ensuring you have the basics under your belt. It explains the terms and settings that you need to understand with regard to shooting close-up and macro subjects to make the most of this comprehensive guide.

Following on from this, you will learn how to achieve varying levels of magnification using a range of standard and dedicated equipment, including extension tubes, close-up lenses and specialist macro lenses, as well as the emerging trend for wide-angle macro lenses. You will explore the photographic techniques involved in achieving successful images and learn why close-up and macro photography are two very different disciplines requiring specific shooting techniques.

This guide will also explain the camera overrides you need, how lighting and framing will affect the images that you take and the settings to achieve the necessary depth-of-field. You will also learn how flash and LED lights can be used to illuminate the subject for dramatic results.

Finally, more advanced techniques such as focus stacking are covered, for achieving even more detailed and stunning images.

Every technique, setting and override covered is specific to the Canon EOS system, so you will get relevant, up-to-date information to improve your photography. This will give you the confidence and skills to capture close-up and macro images with relative ease and guaranteed success.

219 pages long

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£12.95 (PDF download)


Key topics

• Definitions of and differences between close-up and macro photography`
• Understanding magnification levels and how to achieve them`
• Explaining extension tubes
• Exploring the range of macro lenses
• The difference between telephoto and wide angle macro lenses
• Settings needed for close-up photography
• Understanding why macro needs different settings
• How to get the light you need
• Focusing set-up for close-up and macro photography
• Understanding depth-of-field
• Focus stacking techniques, plus focus bracketing feature
• Framing for close-up and macro images
• Evaluating the settings needed for the shot
• Shooting with additional lighting
• LED lights vs. flash usage
• How to use flash for macro photography
• Wireless flash options
• How to achieve a black background

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