hOW TO SHOOT Black and white
with your canon eos

By Nina bailey



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Capturing the world in monochrome lets you see the world in an entirely new way. It also has two advantages for your own photographic development. It makes you really observe your scene, plus it teaches you the core principles of photography. This downloadable guide to shooting Black-and-White images with your Canon EOS camera is brand new for 2020, bringing the techniques for monochrome photography bang up to date, and is relevant for both Canon DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

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Monochrome photography can be fascinating and the techniques that you learn will stand you in good stead for the rest of your photography.

In this comprehensive guide, Nina looks at a broad range of topics. To start off, there's a reference section looking at the key topics you need to understand to successfully shoot black and white images.

Then she continues by considering how monochrome photography varies from colour – looking at the way monochrome images were traditionally shot and how virtually every effect that was possible in the darkroom is now possible either within the camera itself or during post-production.

Nina looks at the various options within the camera settings, particularly the Picture Styles, ideal for those that shoot JPEG. She also explores the RAW processing options in both Canon's Digital Photo Professional and in Photoshop Camera RAW options for black and white.

Key shooting techniques for black and white images are explained in detail. This includes understanding metering and contrast for black and white, in addition to framing and composition. Nina also takes a look at the traditional photographic elements of shape, line, texture and form and explains why they are so important when shooting in monochrome and how to get each to reproduce correctly.

Overall, this comprehensive guide to capturing black and white images with your Canon EOS camera will transform your perception of your subject and transform your photographic skills.

253 pages long, published 26 March 2020

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£12.95 (PDF download)


Key topics

• How to set up your camera when shooting in black and white
• Key controls and overrides on your EOS
• What makes black and white different
• Looking back at monochrome film techniques
• How to capture a monochrome image in-camera
• The photographic elements
• Understanding how the photographic elements are used in monochrome photography
• How to evaluate monochrome images
• Understanding tonal range in monochrome images
• How to make the most of tonal range available
• How metering affects the tonal range you capture
• Best lighting for monochrome images
• Framing monochrome images
• How the rule of thirds affects monochrome images
• Lens usage when shooting monochrome images
• The thought process for differing monochrome subjects
• How to get a monochrome image using Canon's Digital Photo Professional RAW software conversion
• Post-production options for black and white using DPP
• How to use Photoshop Camera RAW to get a monochrome image
• Additional post-production techniques for monochrome images

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