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3rd edition, revised 2020


Photographing birds in flight is highly rewarding when successful, but remains a technically challenging area of photography.

In this bestselling eBook, experienced Canon tutor Nina Bailey guides you through the settings, creative and technical processes of capturing birds in flight with your Canon EOS camera, whether in a captive setting or in the wild.

NOW IN ITS THIRD EDITION – updated April 2020

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With digital camera technology advancing rapidly in the last few years, the ability to capture these actions shots is no longer restricted to professional series cameras. Nina looks at what features are important for this type of wildlife photography and also considers the impact of lens choice, not only in terms of performance but also from the perspective of manageability when out in the field.

This third edition book includes detailed explanation on extender (teleconverter) compatibility. It also covers the comprehensive focusing systems found on recent EOS models, such as the EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 90D, EOS 6D Mark II and new flagship EOS-1D X Mark III cameras.

In addition this book has been updated to reflect the new EOS R-series mirrorless cameras – the EOS R and RP – and the settings needed to make this type of photography a reality with these cameras.

There's also a new reference section, providing extra information for newcomers to photography with a Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera, to help tackle this advanced area of photography.

Framing, lighting and composition are also explored in-depth and as always the techniques are illustrated with hundreds of Nina's own images from around the world.

254 pages long

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£12.95 (PDF download)


Key topics

• Camera and lens choice
• Extender compatibility and usage
• Evolution of focusing systems explained
• Drive mode settings
• Focusing mode usage
• Understanding focusing areas
• Advanced focusing customisation, including Case settings
• Panning technique and how to keep your subject in focus
• Basic shooting techniques
• Light levels and using ISO as your key variable
• ISO speed setting controls explained
• Shooting mode choice
• Metering and exposure compensation
• Picture Styles – sharpening effect
• Other settings to consider, including white balance
• How the weather and direction of light affects your images
• Framing and cropping
• Sorting through images quickly

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