Understanding Canon Speedlite flash

By Nina bailey


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A brand new guide to using the Canon flash system. This book has been written for today's EOS cameras and latest technology, as well as today's photographers. Learn how to use your Canon Speedlite flash system to best effect with this comprehensive, modern guide.

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Adding some extra light to your shots can bring about massive improvements, and using a flashgun offers you the most control and versatility when it comes to light. Yet, flash photography is a tricky beast... you go from having to think about the settings for the exposure, to having instead to consider the settings for two images in one – the ambient exposure and the flash exposure.

To do so successfully and consistently, you need a solid understanding of Canon's flash system.

This brand new book, written from scratch, will take you step-by-step through the process – from the theory, through the visualisation of what you want to achieve, to the execution of the image. It contains all of the latest flash features and functionality, which have improved and been expanded over recent years, and how you can use the latest tech to your advantage.

Much of the control for the flash system now comes from the camera, so you'll learn all about the different settings available, such as the various flash modes – how they work and when to use them – and how to set up your flash via your camera's menu system.

As with all of Nina's recent eBook guides, this new flash book also contains a detailed reference section to ensure you understand all of the necessary background information when shooting with flash.

You'll learn all about Canon's Speedlite flash system, including the differences between the flashguns in the current range, as well as advice on your best options. You'll discover how to use the flash system with its automated functionality, and how it can provide fill-in flash in certain shooting modes, as well as how to operate both your camera and flashgun manually for total control.

This book concentrates on using a single flashgun – or your camera's built-in flash – on-camera, before touching briefly on the use and benefits of wireless flash, which will be covered in more depth in the next release.

You'll get advice on how to get the best results for different types of flash scenarios, such as macro work, indoor and outdoor portraits, plus using in a studio environment.

Is my camera and flash combo covered? Check compatibility


Topics covered include:

• Canon EOS camera and flash compatibility
• Ambient and flash light – exposure settings for each and how to combine
• Camera settings needed for flash
• Different types of flash
• Flash synchronisation speeds
• Second curtain sync
• High speed flash synchronisation
• E-TTL flash mode
• Manual flash mode
• Multi flash mode (stroboscopic)
• Flash exposure compensation
• Flash exposure bracketing
• Flash exposure lock
• Techniques for improving flash indoors
• How to manage different colour temperatures with flash
• How to use fill-in flash effectively outside
• Overcoming ambient light problems when using flash
• Using flash for macro subjects
• Specialist macro flash guns
• How to get black backgrounds
• Product shooting with flash
• Overcoming common exposure errors

£14.95, 265 pages long

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