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Get to grips with your Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera. With its sophisticated and groundbreaking feature set, there's a lot to learn to get the most from your camera. Nina Bailey explains how all of the features and controls work, so you can use this understanding to power your photography.

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This eBook will fast-track your learning and bolster your camera confidence. You'll learn much more with this book than just using the instruction mnual alone, as NIna explains what the features do, how to set them up and when to use them.

Whether you're new to photography or your EOS R6 is your latest camera companion, you'll learn what you need with this guide. The basics of photography are explained, as are the differences with this camera compared to earlier DSLR and mirrorless models.

Because this camera is such an evolution, the way you shoot needs to adapt to the new technology. Nina explains how the new features, such as the in-body image stabilisation and Animal AF options, work and how to configure the settings to get the best results.

Your EOS R6 is also highly customisable, meaning you can tailor it to suit the way you shoot. All of the options are explained in detail, along with advice as to how to consider which customisations you may want to use, as the way you customise your camera will be different to someone else's.

Illustrated liberally with comparison shots and menu screens, this eBook will get you up to speed quickly and navigating your camera confidently.

368 pages long.

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£17.95 (PDF download)

Contents include:
• Understanding the EOS R system
• How mirrorless differs in operation from DSLR
• Camera orientation and understanding the key controls
• Display options on the EOS R6
• Basics of photography
• Shooting mode operation, including the new Fv mode
• How ISO, shutter speed and apertures interact
• Understanding the Q screen and its controls
• Autofocus system explained, and how to use
• Subject detection and set-up for different subject types
• Case settings and how to use them
• Advanced focusing controls
• New in-camera image stabilisation system and when to use
• Understanding the exposure overrides
• Navigating the menu system
• Playback – reviewing your images
• Image processing: in-camera and post-production
• Using custom button controls
• Setting up and using the My Menu system
• Custom functions explained
• Basic Wi-Fi set-up and usage
• Basic video functions and set-up

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