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To get up to speed quickly with your new Canon EOS R camera, look no further than this comprehensive guide from Canon tutor and author Nina Bailey. Teaching you what you need from the ground up – from the basics of photography tp the camera's advanced features and overrides. Get camera confident with this fast-track guide to successful shooting with your new EOS R.

REVISED APRIL 2020 for firmware v1.6.0

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"After spending a solid eight months using my EOS R camera, and starting to see people on our training courses with Canon’s first full frame mirrorless camera, my comprehensive guide to using the EOS R is finally ready.

"And this 294-page guide is packed full of best practice advice, feedback from other users and months of my own experimentation and learning with this brand new EOS system that I’m pleased to be able to share with you." Nina

This book is invaluable, whether you are new to photography or self-taught with previous experience of using an interchangeable lens camera. You'll learn about the key camera settings and overrides, as well as getting an insight into the more advanced features. Nina also explains the wide range of customisations that this model offers, with a guide as to how to get the most of these to suit your way of shooting.

With such a wide range of features this is a camera that has to be fully understood to enable you to get the very best out of your Canon EOS R. Rest assured, this eBook is designed to get you up to speed and your camera configured with the features you need as quickly as possible.

Written in Nina's friendly, informal style, this no-nonsense guide makes sense of the camera's instruction manual and gives you the tools you need to get more from the camera so as to improve your images and workflow.

294 pages long

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£17.95 (PDF download)


Key topics

• Understanding the EOS R system
• Camera orientation and key controls
• Display options on the EOS R
• Shooting modes, including the new Fv mode
• Custom shooting modes
• ISO, shutter speed and aperture explained
• Reviewing your images and image data
• RAW and JPEG file types, plus C-RAW
• Understanding the Q screen and its controls
• Autofocus system
• Focusing areas
• Advanced focusing controls
• Basic exposure overrides
• Menu system
• Key overrides – white balance, Picture Styles, ALO
• Playback options and controls
• Image processing option
• Using custom button controls
• Setting up and using My Menu
• Custom functions explained
• Setting up and understanding the customisations
• Basic Wi-Fi usage
• Basic Movie operation

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