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Get much more from your Canon EOS 90D DSLR camera with this comprehensive guide. It covers everything you need to know to get maximum performance from your EOS 90D – whether it's your first interchangeable lens camera or you're an experienced DSLR user.

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If you're new to photography, the book starts with an explanation of the key settings used, before moving onto the more advanced features found on the 90D that will be of use as your photography develops, or of particular interest if you’ve owned an earlier EOS camera.

As well as learning basic navigation of the buttons, dials and controls, you'll learn about the Q screen – an essential tool for taking greater control of your camera settings – as well as unlocking more features and controls via the 90D’s comprehensive menu system.

There's a detailed section on the 90D's focusing system, and how to configure it to suit your subject, whether you're using the traditional focusing system via the viewfinder, or the responsive sensor-based Live View system.

With such a wide range of features this is a camera that has to be fully understood to enable you to get the best out of it. You’ll achieve full understanding and your full photography potential with this 330-page book.

If you're keen to start shooting video with your 90D, there's also a short section on how to get started with the basic settings you need.

This eBook will get you up to speed – and your camera configured with the features you need to suit your shooting style and subject – as quickly as possible, leaving you to concentrate on getting those super sharp shots.

330 pages long

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£17.95 (PDF download)


Key topics

• Camera orientation and understanding the key controls
• How ISO, shutter speed and apertures interact
• Navigating the Q screen
• How to view the image settings
• Exposure problems and why they happen
• Understanding the basic exposure overrides
• Understanding the shooting modes
• When to use the different shooting modes
• The role of lenses and how they affect your images
• Understanding the menu system on the EOS 90D
• How the advanced overrides work and when to use them
• Understanding the playback options
• Configuring your camera’s focusing system
• Matching focusing settings to your subject
• Using Custom button controls
• Setting up and using the My Menu system
• Understanding the basics of flash
• Connecting your 90D via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Getting started with video

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