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Pro-level camera gear needs extra support and attention, especially when your profession relies on that equipment. And Canon has what you need in place – a dedicated membership service to support owners of its professional equipment, called Canon Professional Services (CPS).

Different regions operate CPS in various ways. Below we take a look at the CPS programme in Europe.

What is CPS?

Canon Professional Services (CPS) is a free support programme for European-based EOS owners who meet certain qualifying equipment levels. The programme currently supports several thousand members in the UK alone, with thousands more members within mainland Europe.


There are a number of benefits for members:

– Prioirty repair service
– CPS hotline for technical support
– Exclusive workshops, events and experiences
– Service and technical support at sporting and other major events
– Loan service (Gold/Platinum only)

Priority repairIMG7357

One of the key benefits of CPS membership is the priority repair service. This can mean significantly reduced turnaround time – as little as two working days for Platinum members – and access to back-up loan equipment if the repair is going to take longer than expected.

CPS members also receive on-site support and access to technicians at major local and international events, such as big sporting events like the Commonwealth Games, Olympics and Wimbledon.

Keeping your gear up-to-date

Every year or so, Canon Europe re-evaluates qualifying gear and membership levels. Fast servicing relies heavily on the parts availablility, and as products get older, the parts for those products are less readily available, if at all.

Typically products are dropped from membership qualification once they're around 10 years or so. This will be from product launch, so it's important to remember that it's not 10 years from when you bought your camera or lens, particularly if you tend to buy secondhand.

Everything EOS always lists the launch year of cameras and lens, which is available exclusively to EOS magazine subscribers; alternatively you can check out the Canon Camera Museum for this information.

How to apply

The online application process is straightforward and automated: typically it takes around ten minutes to complete. Better still, you’ll find out instantly whether you qualify for membership.

Before starting your application, take a look at the minimum equipment levels. If you think you have sufficient gear, make a note of what equipment you have and the serial numbers – this will save time in the long run. It’s a good idea to have all of this recorded for insurance purposes anyway, so it’s a worthwhile task.

Here at EOS magazine we can also offer support when submitting your application – phone 01869 331741 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) and we will help you with any queries.

To find out more about CPS membership in Europe and how to apply visit:

For other regional Canon Professional Services programmes, please visit Canon Inc.


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