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What our subscribers say

"This is a top class magazine - a classy product from cover to cover."

"This article is succinct, immensely readable but most importantly is a very effective teaching tool."

"The EOS magazine has really helped improve my photography skills"

"For a Canon user, it is without doubt the most useful, interesting and best informed magazine on the market"

January-March 2015 issue

"In all the time I’ve received EOS Magazine (since I bought my first Canon, a 50E!) I’m writing to say that the articles on Evaluative metering and off–camera flash are the most informative and helpful I’ve read for a long time. Where EOS Magazine scores is that, unlike another Canon magazine on sale at newsagents (no names, no pack-drill!), you cater for those of us with cameras that ceased being made a while ago, in my case a 40D which I bought used 3 years ago and which I have not upgraded because of its specification which is ideal for my photographic interests." DE via email

January-March 2014 issue

"Many congratulations on the 2 part article covering the DPP system. As with all of your coverage, the explanations are clear and concise and somehow cover everything that is not immediately to hand on the Canon site. Some of the items covered might seem very basic but unless one has a good knowledge to begin with, then the more detailed applications get a bit beyond one's grasp. With this kind of detail, who would want to use anything else but DPP?

"This is a special magazine directed at the many thousands of EOS users but as a publication it is the best, both in terms of content and presentation.

"Thank you and keep it going!" MS via email

"I have been reading the magazines now for about 18 months. I have to say that I have not had one issue that has disappointed me. The latest issue is brilliant, I am in the learning stages of photography, I have tried various magazines but this one is the best for me. The fact that you can put older issues on the computer and use them for reference is a great idea. All the items give you food for thought. Plus there always seems to be at least a couple of items about the camera you use or something that relates to a lens you use." PT by email

"Can I just say how much I enjoyed the current magazine. There were lots of technical articles which explained topics clearly and concisely. I like that you don't just repeat what is generally printed but input your own observations and experiences. Over the years some of the articles have covered fairly basic ground but when I read them I still either learn something new or have my memory refreshed about something I had forgotten. Keep up the good work." Via email

July-September 2013 issue

"The latest issue arrived here a couple of days ago and I read it from beginning to end almost in one sitting. I found it both thoroughly entertaining and highly interesting. It is definitely the magazine for EOS users.
I have actually been an EOS user since 1987 with the EOS 650, which I still have. The magazine has been my favourite camera/photography magazine for some years now, in fact since the October - December issue in 2006. My first digital EOS was the 300D when it first came out in I think 2003. Keep up the good work!" DD via email

April-June 2013 issue

"Best compliment I can give this edition is that I haven't started to read it yet. That's because from the initial flick through there's a lot I can see I want to look at properly so I'm saving it until I have time to do it justice. Excellent content throughout." W via EOS magazine forum

"It was great to receive my first issue of EOS magazine after 3 years away from SLR photography, and what a fantastic issue to start with." BP via EOS magazine forum

"I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues in producing the latest edition of the EOS magazine.  From the cover photograph, which was exquisite, to the large number of features, all of which are interesting, you have produced an arresting edition.  I particularly loved the visual magic of the Vietnamese Lamp Shop, by Richard l'Anson.  The balance of colours,  the freezing of the girl's action that avoided movement blur in low ISO conditions was outstanding.
    "The information contained in your features are both informative and quality assured.  For me the information about geotagging couldn't have come at a better time, as I want to extend the  positional capability of my Canon 7D using the Canon GP-E2.  The feature has provided me with the confidence to proceed.
    "I always look forward to each new edition with a mixture of anticipation and pleasure." JM via email

October-December 2012

"I just want to take an opportunity to congratulate the author and editor of this edition's article on creative control. This article is succinct, immensely readable but most importantly is a very effective teaching tool. In just seven pages you capture the essence of creative photography which in many other publications would take chapters and not as effectively. Whoever is responsible for this piece of writing should feel very pleased and proud of what is perhaps the most competent description of the relationships between aperture, speed, ISO with the inclusion of 'reciprocal rule', depth of field and manual control. Essential basics, irrespective of which EOS you own. Many thanks." CH via EOS magazine forum

April-June 2012

"The latest edition of EOS magazine dropped through my letter box sometime in the morning on Friday and as I had to go out I put it, the EOS shop catalogue and the Everything EOS 2012 on the sideboard with the idea that when I returned I could settle down to an enjoyable read. Unfortunately, upon my return I found the soggy remains of all three publications scattered around on the floor with a very guilty looking Labrador (five months old and named Angel) greeting me with part of a page caught on a tooth and hanging out of her mouth. The whole set had been totally 'labradored' and rendered completely useless and unreadable. Shock/Horror! 
    "After the initial disappointment and anger had subsided, I rang Robert Scott Publishing, explained the situation and asked if there was any way a new set of the three publications could be sent to me. On Monday morning the post duly arrived and I beat Angel to the door so nothing got 'labradored'. Yes - there was a pristine copy of the magazine, complete with the catalogue and EOS everything, accompanied by a warning note from Kate informing me that this was still not dog proof ! Soooooooo - A VERY BIG THANK YOU.
    "Excellent service from Robert and the team! I think that sums up the EOS magazine forum (and EOS magazine) for me - friendly, interested, informative, no BS, just plain helpful! I'm very glad I found EOS mag, and this forum!"

"A day off work and I had a morning of good intentions planned - then the post arrived and yes, the latest EOS magazine was there! So, the morning of good intentions turned into a morning of magazine reading - another great issue. Hey ho, what to tell the boss when she arrives home - could you print a section in each magazine of original excuses on why I didn't do what I was supposed to! Thanks to one and all involved." N via EOS magazine forum

January-March 2012

"The postman has just delivered the latest issue of this great magazine. At last something decent to read." H via EOS magazine forum

Jonathan & Angie Scott, Canon Ambassadors

R8K4462xzcopy9"We have been great fans of EOS magazine since Robert Scott launched the publication in 1993. That says something in today's world where even the most beautifully illustrated and written publications struggle to keep afloat for a handful of years let alone more than twenty. With so much published on the Web it is a pleasure to receive each copy of EOS Magazine and we greatly look forward to its arrival. With so many people living such busy lives finding time to sit down and eat seems to test the resolve let alone to read. But we spend hours at a time as wildlife photographers sitting in our 4x4 vehicle in the Maasai Mara in Kenya waiting for a lion or a leopard to stir. So having copies of EOS magazine tucked away in one of the cupboards means that we are never knowingly without something stimulating to read (but keeping one eye on the cats too!). The magazine is crammed with something for everyone - if you are particularly techie then there is plenty of detail on the latest products from Canon along with articles on how to improve your digital photography skills, interviews with the Pros and portfolios of inspiring and creative images. There is nothing like seeing beautiful images printed - and holding a magazine in your hands is still a pleasure that the convenience of a Laptop just cannot compete with. So congratulations to EOS magazine and all the team on a sunny day in Kenya."

Via Facebook

"Any self respecting EOS photographer just HAS to get this Magazine!!!" PB

"I have just received my first copy of EOS Magazine in the post. I am absolutely thrilled with it. As a newcomer to SLR photography and being the proud owner of (secondhand but good) EOS Canon 50D, getting to know all about the buttons wheels and twiddles, this magazine is going to be just perfect for me. Thanks so much."
Mary Ward

Via EOS magazine forum

"I can't say enough about the magazine. Just became a Canon DSLR owner about 4 months ago. I initially thought the magazine was a little "pricey" for being a quarterly magazine, but have come to view it more as a continuous book with each publication. I literally read every article word for word and, have learned so much about Canon products. Great value and can honestly say it's the best camera magazine I've ever read!" G


Via email

"It's the one photo magazine that gives me what I want, avoids what I don't want and comes at the right intervals." JB

"I am one of your original subscribers and just want to say how much I continue to enjoy reading eos-magazine.  It consistently has so much of interest, help and clarification as well as being superbly designed. Thank you." GT

"I continue to enjoy and benefit from your EOS magazine. It leaves the "general" photography magazines way behind whatever one's personal knowledge of the Canon EOS equipment." TJ

"Frankly, EOS magazine is the most informative on the market and, believe me, I have read them all." GM

"One of the benefits of using Canon cameras and lenses is the wonderful support we get as photographers by subscribing to EOS magazine. If you find reading through the information handbook of your camera a daunting process, EOS magazine will help lighten the work load no end as there is plenty of information on the latest Canon products and how to get the best use from them. This is a top class magazine - a classy product from cover to cover. We get far more out of reading EOS magazine than any other photographic magazine - we treasure our back issues.
The magazine is packed with information for every kind of photographer, from pros to amateurs, and the range of photographic topics featured is rich and varied.  The bottom line is that we just love receiving the magazine - it is the first thing we open when it arrives in the post.  You always feel as if you are getting the insiders' views when you read EOS magazine, and as wildlife photographers living much of the time on safari EOS magazine is an invaluable way of keeping pace/current with the fast moving world of digital photography."  Jonathan and Angie Scott - Professional Wildlife Photographers, Nairobi, Kenya.

Via Reader Survey

"Inspiring and informative"

"Always recommend this magazine as the "must get" to other Canon users"

"For the Canon user, EOS magazine is all that one needs"

"Great magazine, well worth the subscription. Excellent articles, great detail."

"Don't need to read other photo mags, EOS magazine provides plenty of information to help me get the best out of my photography."

"I often try out the projects/ camera techniques featured, using the magazine as a technical handbook. The EOS magazine has really helped improve my photography skills. I look forward to receiving each issue!"

"EOS magazine tells me all i need to know about my excellent Canon System"

"Unlike many photographic magazines, EOS always manages to produce something directly relevant to my own photography"

"it's a top quality magazine for Canon users"

"Most photo mags are full of very generalised articles which are of little practical relevance. From EOS mag you can actually learn about your camera and how to use it better."

"The best magazine for any Canon user. Full of info, great photos from readers. Simply the best magazine around."

"It's just untouchable for content & quality"

"A first class, informative and well-written magazine for the pro and enthusiast alike"

"Treats photographers seriously"

"My biggest regret is that I did not know about EOS mag earlier, I have found it to be the most informative magazine with regards the Canon brand and read it form cover to cover!" MG

"For a Canon user, it is without doubt the most useful, interesting and best informed magazine on the market."

"It's my complete encyclopaedia of photography, my first point of reference."

"In depth technical stuff is spot on. How to best use those hidden eos functions is invaluable."

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