What's in July-September 2020?

Get more from your Canon EOS camera with in-depth features this issue on Bulb mode, how the silent shutter feature works, using Digital Photo Professional for JPEG files, plus a sneak peek at the EOS R5 before its official launch.

In additiion, there are all of the usual familar features, including Canon product reveals and reviews, Reader Challenge results, Ask the EOS Experts and EOSpedia.

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'In the trade'

Findlay Rankin recorded the tradesmen and women responsible for reviving a listed building in Glasgow.



Capturing the spirit of the adventure in your shots can really tell the story. Here's how to translate it into your images, whatever your perspective. It's also the next Reader Challenge.



Bulb mode

Open up your shutter for an extended length and for full manual control to generate new creative opportunities.


Digital Lens Optimizer

DLO is a lens correction function that's appeared since 2012 and, with its numerous changes, can vastly improve your images. Find out how it works and what it can do for you.


Silent Shutters

Know that familiar shutter noise? Well, there are ways to turn it off – here's how it works and the pros and cons of doing so.


A decade of evolution

The pace of evolution within the Canon EOS system is relentless and rapid at times. We look at the last 10 years of improvements.



DPP for JPEG files

Often called RAW editing software, Canon's Digital Photo Professional is actually pretty capable when it comes to editing your JPEG files, too.



R5 preview, RF 24-240mm review

With the launch of the Canon EOS R5 imminent, plus the general availability of Canon's budget-friendly zoom lens for the EOS R system, we round up what's new.


Get more from your Canon EOS camera

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