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What's in April-June 2020?

Get more from your Canon EOS camera with in-depth features this issue on Face detection, wide-angle macro, spot and partial metering, plus how to preview depth-of-field on your camera.

Plus there are all of the usual familar features, including new product reveals from Canon, Reader Challenge results, Ask the EOS Experts and EOSpedia.

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'The soul of the city'

David Broadbent has been documenting Bristol for more than two years, getting right to the heart of this vibrant city.



Magical Moths

Steve Myall invites us to share with him the pleasure to be found in photographing moths. Plus, put the technqiues to the test in this issue's Reader Challenge



Spot & Partial Metering

EOS cameras offer a choice of metering modes, and in tricky lighting conditions spot or partial may be just what you need.


Face Detection

Face detection AF first appeared in the EOS system in 2008 and is at last making its mark, improving both focusing and exposure.


Depth preview

The depth-of-field preview function is found on all EOS cameras, and is becoming an ever-more popular feature to improve results.


AF quick switch

A hidden camera function on some models allows you to change quickly between two completely different focus set-ups.



Wide-angle Macro

Over the last few years a number of wide-angle macro lenses have been added to the EOS system. We compare these versatile lenses.


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