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22 August 2005

Canon extends its range of digital compatible flashes

Canon is pleased to announce the launch of the Speedlite 430EX flash unit, replacing the popular Speedlite 420EX. The Speedlite 430EX improves on many specifications of its predecessor, and includes new features to maximise digital image quality when using a flash. These include automatic selection of camera white balance settings, and auto-adjustment of the zoom flash position to match the sensor size of the camera to which the unit is attached. The Speedlite 430EX has increased its guide number to 43 (m/ISO 100 at 105mm), and has approximately 40% faster recycling time than the Speedlite 420EX.

An ultra-bright 2-LED configuration focus assist-beam has been designed to be compatible with all focus points within the frame of all EOS AF systems, up to 9-point AF.

Optimum flash coverage

The flash head zoom covers the range 24mm to 105mm and an integrated diffusion panel allows extended wide-angle coverage to 14mm. When attached to digital EOS cameras with smaller than full-frame sensors (such as the EOS-1D Mark II N, EOS 20D and EOS 350D) the Speedlite 430EX gives a more accurate flash coverage by detecting the model to which it is attached and automatically narrowing the angle of coverage. This has the effect of eliminating light loss in peripheral areas and extending the effective flash range.

Ideal white balance

The Speedlite 430EX automatically transfers colour temperature information to recent models of digital SLR cameras . The camera then sets the white balance optimally for the flash shot. This feature works when the camera's white balance mode is set to Auto White Balance (AWB) or Flash white balance mode.


The Speedlite 430EX is fully compatible with the distance linked E-TTL II system found on recent EOS cameras, and supports other EOS cameras that do not support E-TTL II, when required. For a complete multiple flash system, the Speedlite 430EX serves as a wireless slave when either the Speedlite 580EX, Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX, Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX or Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 is used as a master.

Upgrade for control

An intuitive and ergonomic interface includes an LCD panel for clear indication of modes and settings. A single bounce lock release button provides immediate control over the bounce head angle for flexible positioning of the flash head. The flash head can be moved up from 0 – 90degrees (five settings), left from 0 – 180degrees (seven settings) and right from 0 – 90degrees (four settings). Six custom functions allow customisation of the flash operations. Despite high power and short recycling times, the unit is small and lightweight.

Fully synchronised

Features include first and second curtain flash synchronisation, and manual adjustment of flash output from full to 1/64 power (7 levels).


An optional Speedlite Bracket SB-E1 allows the flash unit to be mounted to one side of the camera. Designed specifically for press and wedding photographers, it eliminates the red-eye that can occur when mounting a flash on the axis of the lens, such as on the camera hot shoe. Flash batteries are replaceable without removing the unit from the bracket.

Price and availability

The Speedlite 430EX is available from September 2005 priced at 199.00 RRP inc. VAT/ €287.00 RRP inc. VAT.



Flash type: Clip-on, E-TTL/TTL autoflash Speedlite with built-in zoom, AF-assist beam, and wireless slave function.
Compatible cameras: All EOS cameras (flash metering system may differ depending on the camera); E-TTL II autoflash will apply to EOS 350D, EOS 20D, EOS 5D, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II N, EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS 300X and EOS 30V Date/ 33V; E-TTL autoflash (Type-A cameras) enabled with all EOS cameras from the EOS 50/50E onward (except EOS 3000); TTL autoflash (Type-B cameras) enabled with all other EOS cameras.
Normal Flash guide No. (at ISO 100 in m):

Flash coverage: Auto zoom, Manual Zoom, Wide panel.
Picture size zoom control: When the Speedlite is attached to an EOS camera (from EOS-1D Mark II onwards), the flash head will move to position according to suit the camera’s picture size (based on Full-size, H-Size, C-size picture).
Bounce flash: Vertical bounce 0 to 90 upward; Horizontal bounce 0 to 180 to the left, 0 to 90 to the right.
Flash modes: Normal flash; High-speed sync (FP flash); Stroboscopic flash (enabled when set as a wireless slave unit; Test flash (with test firing button); Modelling flash (fired with the depth-of-field preview button of all Canon Digital SLR cameras from EOS D30 onwards and EOS –1V, 3, 30V Date/ 33V, 300X, 300V); Manual
Flash metering control: Automatic; Manual compensation with the Speedlite 430EX up to +/-3 stops in whole-stop increments; Manual compensation with the camera
FEL (Flash Exposure Lock): Provided
Exposure confirmation OK: Flash exposure confirmation lamp lights in green for 3 seconds after the flash is fired.
Shutter Curtain Synchronization: first or second synchronization can be set
Flash duration: Normal flash 1.4ms or shorter
Colour temperature information transmission: For optimal white balance the Speedlite automatically transmits the flash’s colour temperature information to compatible D-SLR cameras (from EOS-1D Mark II onwards)
Film Speeds: ISO 6-6400 is set automatically by the camera; the effective flash range shifts according to the film speed.
AF-assist beam: Compatible with up to 9 AF points
Illuminated LCD display: Turns on for 12 sec. When the illumination button is pressed
Wireless transmission system: Optical pulse, between master and slave unit, including 4 channels; three slave groups possible; Speedlite 430EX works as a “slave” only in wireless mode
Custom Functions: Six user-settable Custom Functions available
Power sources: Internal power sources: 4 AA-size alkaline (6V) or Ni-MH (4.8V)
Camera connections: hot shoe with locking collar
PC terminal: Direct contacts
Mode memory: Provided
Dimensions (W x H x D): 72 x 122 x 101mm
Weight (without batteries): 330g
Accessories: Soft case (included), Speedlite bracket SB-E1, Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2, Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2


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