Has two fully adjustable miniature flash heads attached either side of a rotating ring. Heads can be rotated at different angles around the ring and also tilted in or out to cover subject. Guide number 24 (ISO 100m). Compatibility and other features similar to the Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX.

EOS magazine, December 2003, page 39

Type: close-up photogrpahy-dedicated, twin-flash unit with built-in wireless transmission/reception and E-TTL/TTL autoflash control
Configuration: flash head assembly, mount ring, control unit, connecting cords
Compatible cameras:
Type-A EOS cameras (for E-TTL autoflash control)
Type-B EOS cameras (for TTL autoflash control)
Compatible lenses: EF 50mm f2.5 compact macro, EF 100mm f2.8 macro USM, EF100 f2.8 macro, EF 180mm f3.5L macro USM and MP-E 65mm f2.8 1-5x
Flash coverage: approx. 70 deg. vertical, 53 deg. horizontal (reference position for one flash head)
Flash modes:
(1) E-TTL autoflash (w/type-A cameras):
• FE lock, flash exposure compensation, FEB, flash ratio control
(2) TTL autoflash (w/type-B cameras):
• flash exposure compensation, FEB
(3) manual flash (w/type-A/B cameras)
• 1/1 - 1/64, whole-stop increments, 7 steps
Firing mode:
(1) normal flash
(2) high-speed sync (FP flash)
(3) test flash
(4) modelling flash
• with C.Fn-6-0: modelling flash with flash ratio (w/EOS-1V, 3, Elan 7E/30, or D30)
• with C.Fn-4-1: uniform modelling flash (w/all EOS cameras)
(5) preflash
Flash tube firing mode:
(1) both flash tubes firing
• both flash tubes fired at the same output (E-TTL/TTL autoflash)
• both flash tubes fired according to a flash ratio (E-TTL autoflash)
• both flash tubes fired manually (manual flash)
(2) only one flash tube firing (all flash modes)
Only flash tube A or B fired
Flash coverage:
Flash head movements: relative to reference position
Tilt: 45 deg. upward (22.5 deg. increments)/
45 deg. downward (22.5 deg. increments)
Swing: 60 deg. inward (15 deg. increments)/
30 deg. outward (15 deg. increments)
Mount ring rotation: 50 deg. upward (5 deg. increments)/
30 deg. downward (5 deg. increments)
Flash ratio control: 1:8 - 1:1 - 8:1, 1/2-stop increments (full-stop increments with C.Fn-8-1)
Flash distance range:
• in normal mode
Both flash heads: approx. 20mm - 8.6m
Single head: approx. 20mm - 9.3m
• in high-speed sync (FP flash) at 1/320 sec. mode
Both flash heads: approx. 20mm - 3.8m
Single head: approx. 20mm - 4.1m

High-speed sync: enabled in E-TTL autoflash and manual flash modes
Flash exposure compensation:
• automatic compensation: automatic flash output reduction for fill flash
• manual adjustment of flash exposure compensation w/the MR-14EX: up to 3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
• manual adjustment of flash exposure compensation w/the camera: up to 3 or 2 stops in 1/3-or 1/2-stop increments
FEB: adjustable with the MR-14EX: up to 3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
Flash tube A:B ratio control: 1:8 - 1:1 - 8:1, 1/2-stop increments, 13 steps
Shutter curtain sync: 1st- or 2nd-curtain sync enabled
Flash-ready indicator: red pilot lamp
Flash range (at f2.8, ISO 100):
• normal flash: approx. 20mm - 5 m/0.8 in - 16ft
• high-speed sync (FP flash) at 1/320 sec.: approx. 20mm - 2.2 m/0.8 in - 7.2ft
Flash exposure confirmation: pilot lamp lights in yellow-green (for 3 sec,) immediately after the picture is taken
Flash duration:
• normal flash: 1.4ms or less
• high-speed sync (FP flash): 26ms or shorter
Colour temperature: approx. 5500K (equivalent to daylight)
Focusing lamps: coverage: 40 deg. vertical, 45 deg. horizontal light duration: approx. 20 sec
Focusing lamp: duration: approx. 20 sec.
With C.Fn-9-1, the focusing lamp can be turned on/off by double-clicking the shutter button halfway

Wireless functions
Transmission system: optical pulse transmission
Configuration: EOS camera, MR-14EX, and 550EX (slave)
Firing control: slaves centrally controlled by MR-14EX master unit
Slave groups: [E-TTL autoflash]
With EOS-1V, 3, Elan 7E/30, and D30:Max. 3 groups (A, B, C)
With other type-A cameras:1 group (no ID)
[manual flash]
Max. 3 groups (A, B, C) with both type-A and B cameras
Flash modes:
• E-TTL autoflash (w/type-A cameras)
• manual autoflash (w/type-A/B cameras)
Channels: 1 to 4
Transmission range (w/slave facing the master straight on):
Indoors: approx: 20cm - 5m/0.65ft - 16.4ft
Outdoors: approx. 20cm - 3m/0.65ft - 9.8ft
Film speed: set automatically according to the camera’s setting (ISO 6 - 6400)
Custom functions: Nine provided (C.Fn-1 to C.Fn-9)
Wireless transmission range:
Indoors: approx. 20cm - 8m
Outdoors: approx. 20cm - 5m (while pointed at slave front and centre)
Filter size: 58mm dia. filter attachable to mount ring
Hood: EF 100mm f2.8 macro USM lens-dedicated Hood ET-67 attachable to mount ring’s hood mount (w/available light only)
Main switch: 3 positions: off, on. SE (turns off after 90 sec. of idle)
Power source: [internal power sources]
• size-AA alkaline batteries x 4
• size-AA nickel-hydride batteries x 4
• size-AA lithium batteries can also be used
[external power sources]
• compact battery pack CP-E2
• transistor pack E
Control unit:
74.0(W) x 125.9(H) x 97.4(D)mm
Flash heads + mount ring: 235.0(W) x 90.4(H) x 49.0(D)mm
Flash ring: 112.8(W) x 126(H) x 25.6(D)mm
Cord length: approx. 25cm
Weight: 430g (excluding batteries)
Guide No.
[Normal flash]
(at ISO 100 in meters)

[High-speed sync (FP flash)] (at ISO 100 in meters)


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