introduced August 2017


MT-26EX-RT key features

• Powerful and flexible twin flash unit with fast recycling

• High-brightness white LEDs for easy focusing in low-light

• Optical and Radio Wireless function to control other Speedlites

• Creative lighting and custom functions for tailored illumination


Press release

The Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT is a powerful, high-performance specialist flash for professional photography. Building on the rich feature set of its predecessor, the MT-24EX, the MT-26EX-RT possesses boosted illumination power, increased flexibility, enhanced durability and improved usability.


The MT-26EX-RT features Macro Twin Lights with moveable flash tubes, which can be positioned at five degree intervals around the lens. They can be rotated upwards or downwards, plus pivoted inwards or outwards, depending on the lighting requirements of the shot. As a result, the most intricate detail can be captured close up, which is ideal for product photography and portrait shots where features need to be emphasised through careful lighting. The MT-26EX-RT also comprises high-brightness white LED focus lamps, which allows the camera to easily focus on objects and gauge how lighting impacts the shot prior to it being taken. The combined guide number (the flash’s ability to illuminate the subject at a specific sensor sensitivity and angle) for both tubes has been increased over the MT-24EX to 26/78 (ISO 100 in meters/feet) delivering outstanding close-up photography.


The MT-26EX-RT is supplied with new clip-on diffusers for each flash head, which softens the light from the flash, preventing hard highlights from impacting images. The flash now includes a lower output flash power option to ensure the correct exposure when used with fast lens apertures or at close distances. The MT-26EX-RT also features a 5.5 second flash recharge time, or as fast as 2.5 seconds using the optional CP-E4N compact battery pack, guaranteeing the ability to rapidly set and capture the perfect shot. This is ideal for shooting wildlife close-up where every moment matters. A flash indicator is displayed on the LCD panel showing charge progress. Alongside this rapid charge, thanks to the enhanced durability of its flash tubes, the need to service the flash regularly has also been vastly reduced.


Radio Wireless Master functionality has now been added to the MT-26EX-RT allowing it to control other Speedlite flash units wirelessly. Up to 15 units in five groups can be controlled to provide more light or to illuminate the background to create better separation between the subject and the background. The MT-26EX-RT can also control the exposure of remote Speedlite units via several different methods. Full auto exposure control can be metered by the camera through radio control using E-TTL. The power settings of each flash can also be set manually to ensure the output is controllable and consistent. Each flash unit can also have different exposure control methods, such as a blend of manual and E-TTL, for further flexibility and control.


For improved control, the MT-26EX-RT has a redesigned interface and operating controls based on the control panel from the Speedlight 600EX II-RT, providing fast and effortless operation. The new control unit features many of the new hot shoe reliability features introduced in the 600EX II-RT, including the ability to attach and detach the camera via a one-touch lock level on a metal mounting foot providing improved strength.



Pricing and availability

The MT-26EX-RT is available from November 2017 with an SRP of 1,079.99/€1,299.99.



Guide No. (ISO100).meters 26

Zoom head No

Auto exposure control E-TTLII/E-TTL/TTL

High speed sync (FP) Yes

Manual / output settings Yes - 1/1- 1/512

Manual steps 1/3 step

FE lock Yes

Flash exposure compensation Yes

Flash Exposure bracketing Yes

Second-curtain flash sync Yes

Modelling flash Yes

Colour temperature info communication Yes

Wireless flash transmitter Yes

Transmission type Infra-red/ Radio

Transmitter Max range approx Indoors: 10m; Outdoors: 6m / 10m

Slave No

No of groups 3*1 / 5

No of channels 4 / 15

AF-assist beam No (Focusing lamp)

Battery 4 x AA batteries

Minimum recycling time *2 Approx. 5.5sec

External power supply Yes - CP-E4n

Dust and water resistance No

Mounting foot material Metal

Custom function 8 (19 options) + 5 personal functions

Flash settings from camera menus *3 Yes

External flash exposure sensor No

PC terminal No

Compatible Accessories Macro Lite Adapter 72c, 67; Compact battery Pack CP-E4n; EX Series Speedlite with optical or Radio Slave function

Dedicated flash bracket No

Size (W x H x D) Control unit 69.5 x 112.5 x 90mm; Flash unit 62.3 x 55.8 x 49.1mm

Weight (Excluding batteries) 570g


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