introduced 1989 - discontinued 1992

Adds Program Image Control, predictive autofocusing and Custom Functions to the EOS 650/620 specifications.

Type and Major Components
Type: 35mm autofocus, single-lens reflex camera with electronically-controlled automatic exposure, focal plane shutter, and built-in motor drive.
Lens Mount: Canon EF Mount (fully electronic signal transfer system).
Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism. Gives 94% vertical and horizontal coverage of actual picture area, and 0.8x magnification at infinity with a standard 50mm lens at infinity.
Focusing Screen: New laser-matte/AF frame (type C). Six types of interchangeable screens are available.
Mirror: Quick-return half-mirror with shock and noise absorber.
Viewfinder information: Displayed at the bottom of the viewing area.
(1) 7-segment LCD digit and character display.
• Shutter speed - flashes at 2 Hz to give out-of-coupling range warning.
• Aperture value - flashes at 2 Hz to give out-of-coupling range warning.
• Metered manual exposure level - OP, oo, CL.
• Depth-of-Field AE - dEP1, dEP 2.
(2) LCD mask character display.
• * - AE lock indicator in partial metering mode.
• M - Manual exposure indicator.
• ? - Flash charge completion indicator.
• +/- - exposure compensation indicator.
• ? - AF in-focus indicator (flashes at 6 Hz when AF is not possible).
Shutter: Vertical-travel focal plane shutter with soft-touch electromagnetic release. All speeds electronically controlled.
Shutter Speed: 1/2000-30 sec. and bulb. X-sync is 1/125 sec. Can be set in 1/2 step increments.
Self-Timer: Electronically controlled with a delay of approx. 10 sec. indicated by blinking LED operation confirmation lamp.

AF Control System: TTL-SIR (TTL secondary image registration) phase-detection type using BASIS (base-stored image sensor). AF operation starts when the shutter button is pressed halfway. AF in-focus indicator lights upon ranging completion. Three selectable modes:
• One-Shot: AF operation ends and focus is locked once ranging is completed. Shutter does not release until ranging is completed.
• AI Servo: Focus continuously adjusts to follow the subject movement. Shutter can be release at any time regardless of ranging completion.
• Manual: By rotating the manual focusing ring after focus mode switch is set to ‘M’.
AF Working Range: EV1-18 at ISO 100.
AF Auxiliary Light: The near infrared light (peak sensitivity: 700nm) is automatically projected with specified Canon Speedlites.

Exposure control
Light Metering System:
TTL full aperture metering using SPC. Two selectable metering patterns: evaluative metering and partial metering (approx. 6.5% of the picture area). Stopped-down metering is not possible.
Shooting Modes:
• Green mark standard shooting mode with P.I.C. (Programmed Image Control).
• Shutter-Priority AE.
• Aperture-Priority AE.
• Intelligent Program AE with variable shift function.
• Depth-of-Field AE.
• Manual.
• Flash AE (A-TTL program flash AE and TTL program flash AE with specified Canon Speedlites).
Camera-Shake Warning: Operates for program AE, aperture-priority AE, and depth-of-field AE modes. When automatically set shutter speed fall 0 to 0.5 steps below 1/focal length of the lens in use, the electronic beeper sounds. Beeper can also be cancelled.
Metering Range: EV1-20 (EV1 to 20 in normal temperature) conversion with 50mm f1.4 lens at ISO 100.
Exposure Compensation: +/- 5 steps in 1/2 step increments. Three continuous exposures are taken in sequence of underexposure, correct exposure according to camera’s meter and overexposure.
Multiple Exposures: Presetting up to nine exposures is possible. Automatically cleared upon completion.

Film transport
Film Speed: ISO 25-500 is automatically set by 1/3 step according to DX code standard. ISO 6-6400 can also be set manually.
Film Loading: After film positioning and back cover closure, the film automatically advances to the fist usable frame and then stops (approx. 1.0 sec.).
Film Wind: Automatic using the built-in miniature motor. Confirmation by the film transport bar marks in the display panel.
Film Winding Mode: Two selectable modes; S (single exposure) and C (continuous exposure at the maximum speed of approx. 5 fps with One-shot AF mode and approx. 2.5 fps with AI Servo AF mode).
Film Rewind: Automatic using the built-in miniature motor. Starts when the film end is reached and then stops (with 24 exposure film, approx. 6 sec.). Mid-roll rewind performed by pressing the film rewind button.

Other specifications
Flash Contact:
Coupled directly to the camera by X-sync contact on the accessory shoe.
Automatic Flash (using the Speedlite 420EZ/300EZ with the camera set to ‘P’): A-TTL flash auto-using the camera’s A-TTL program and the flash’s near-infrared preflash, the correct aperture value is automatically set. X-sync speed is also automatically set between 1/60 and 1/125 sec. upon flash charge completion. TTL control system which meters the light reflected from the film surface. Automatic fill-in flash is possible.
Grip: Interchangeable. The GR30 (without remote control terminal): standard. The GR20 (with remote control terminal): available optionally. The large-size, Grip GR10 is available optionally.
Depth-of-Field Check: By pressing the depth-of-field check button.
LCD Display Panel: Displays only the information required at the time, e.g. shooting mode, film winding mode, AF mode, shutter speed, aperture value, film speed or battery check. Timer function for 6 sec. is provided; the display is held on for 6 sec. after the switch i.e., shutter button is pressed. Can be illuminated by electro luminescence.
Custom Functions: Built-in, seven kinds.

Power Source
Battery: One 6V lithium battery pack (2CR5). Battery is replaced by removing grip.
Battery Check: By pressing the battery check button. Three energy levels are shown by the battery check bar marks in the display panel.
Back Cover: Interchangeable. Opened by sliding the latch with safety lock. Quartz Date Back E and Technical Back E can be attached.

Size: 148 (W) x 108.3 (H) x 67.5 (D) mm.
Weight: 660g (body only).

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