introduced 1995

• most EOS 1n functions retained together with compatability for most EOS accessories
• full compatability with the renowned Canon EF lenses for unmatched picture quality
• a large buffer memory (16MB) allowing continuous shooting of up to 2.7 images per second in bursts of up to 12 exposures in 4 seconds, with a time to the first shot of less than 0.25 second.
• superd colour reproduction and gradation afforded by 12-bit analogue-to-digital conversion (4096 shades) per RGB colour
• built-in high-power battery pack delivering a maximum of 1000 exposures per charge

The EOS DCS 3 brings the speed and processing advantages of digital photography to the tested and proven Canon EOS 1N body.

Camera type: EOS DCS 3; AF-SLR digital still camera with one-shot 36-bit full colour capture (12 bits per RGB channel). EOS DCS 3m & IR; same as the DCS 3c, with 12-bit monochrome or IR digital capture.
Lens mount: Canon EF mount with fully-electronic signal-transfer system
Compatible lenses: Canon EF lenses.
Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism with adjustable -3 to +1 diopter control. Picture area shown on screen with a frame equivalent to the CCD size.
Standard focusing screen: laser-matte with picture area frame equivalent to the CCD size and fine spot metering area mark.
Eyepoint: 20mm
Shutter: vertical-travel, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically-controlled.
Release time lag (without AF): ms (when the shutter is tripped from the shutter button's halfway position)
Shutter speeds: 30 to 1/8000 sec. (in 1/3, 1/2, or full stops) and bulb. X-sync at 1/250 sec. or slower.
Mirror: quick-return half mirror (transmission: reflection ratio of 37:63)
Shooting modes: single and continuous exposure shooting.
Continuous shooting speed: max. 2.7 exposures/sec in bursts of up to 12 exposures in 4 sec. (at shutter speeds of 1/250 sec. or faster)

AF control system: TTL-CT-SIR (through-the-lens cross-type secondary image registration) phase-detection with multi-BASIS (base-stored image sensor)
AF modes: one-shot (single) and AI servo (continuous) with focus prediction. Manual focusing possible.
Focusing points: five.
Focusing point selection: automatic or manual.
AF working range: EV 0 to 18 (at ISO 100)

Exposure control
Light metering: TTL metering at maximum aperture with a 16-zone SPC (silicon photocell) providing 16-zone evaluative, center-weighted average, 24.3% partial, 9.5% spot, and 6.2% fine spot metering. Evaluative and 9.5% spot meterings linked to the current focusing point.
Metering range: EV 0 to 20 for evaluative and partial, EV 3 to 20 for fine spot metering (ISO 100, at 20C or 4F with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens)
Exposure modes: shutter-priority AE, aperture-priority AE, depth-of-field AE, intelligent program AE, manual bulb, A-TTL/TTL program flash AE (for optimum exposure based on a standard scene determined by Canon's standard test method), manual flash and external automatic flash.
Exposure compensation: up to 3 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 EV steps.
Auto exposure bracketing: up to 3 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 EV steps. Bracketing sequence changeable with custom function F-9.
Depth-of-field preview: provided (button).

Digital unit
Image-capturing device: 16.4 x 20.5mm CCD sensor with 1.3 megapixels (1268 x 1012), individual pixel size 16 x 16.
Equivalent ISO speeds: 200-1600 for colour (EOS DCS 3c), 400-6400 for monochrome and infared models (EOS DCS 3m, IR).
Image storage medium: removable card-type hard disk or flash memory card conforming to PCMCIA-ATA up to type III standard. Readable by the camera or a PCMCIA card reader connected to a personal computer.
Image storage capacity: dependent on a storage medium's capacity. (over 120 images on 170 MB hard disk card)
Sound recording capability: via built-in microphone. Telephone-quality sound recordable for 25 seconds at a time. Continuous sound recording possible when disk capacity permits. (sound recording reduces the number of image that can be stored.)
Interface: directly connectable to a Macintosh computer via SCSI cable (provided) and to IBM PC/AT or compatible computer with a compatible SCSI host adapter.
Minimum required computer configurations: (A) Macintosh II or higher-grade Macintosh (except powerbook 100) with 8MB RAM, 32-bit QuickDraw software and Adobe Photoshop software version 2.5 or later. (B) IBM PC or compatible computer with 80386 processor or higher (pentium compatible), 8MB RAM and any TWAIN-compliant application software.
SCSI requirements: (A) compatible with built-in Macintosh SCSI ports (B) Adaptec or future Domain SCSI adapters are required for IBM or compatible computers.

Other specifications
Custom functions: eleven custom functions available except for No.1, No.2 and No. 11-12
Flash contacts: accessory shoe (direct X-sync) and PC terminal. Usable simultaneously.
Flash exposure control: TTL automatic flash exposure control with EOS-dedicated Sppedlites is set to give optimum exposure based on a standard scene determined by Canon's standard test methods. EOS-dedicated Speedlites can also be used with a manual flash exposure setting. External automatic exposure control possible with Speedlites 480EG and 200M.
Self-timer: electronically-controlled and selectable between 2 or 10 sec. Operation indicated by coutdown in LCD panel blinking LED on front of camera.
Information display: in viewfinder and on LCD panel.
Remote control: via 3-pin remote-control socket.
Incompatible EOS-1N accessories: power drive booster E1, grip GR-E1, battery pack BP-E1 and command back E1.
System configuration: EOS DCS camera body, eyecup Ec-II, camera cover R-F-3, strap L3, SCSI cables (25 and 50-pin) and PC cable, software package containing drviers for Adobe Photoshop (Macintosh version) and TWAIN-compliant PC applications, 25-pin SCSI terminator, anti-static wrist strap, case, lens cleaning fluid and tissue, AC adapter/charger, instruction manuals for camera and digital back.
Power source: built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack of 1-hour recharging time, full charge good for up to 1000 exposures, or AC current.
AC adapter/charger pwoer requirments: 50 or 60Hz, 110, 120, 220, 240 V AC
Dimensions (WxHxD): 161 x 191 x 89mm, (6-5/16 x 7-1/2 x 3-1/2 in.)
Wieght: 1.71kg (3.8lbs.)

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