Mastering the EOS 77D

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This eBook is perfect if you have recently purchased the EOS 77D and already have a good understanding of photography, or if you have upgraded to the EOS 77D from a previous EOS DSLR camera.

It's also the ideal follow-on guide to the Getting started with your EOS 77D eBook which covers the basic controls and photography terminology.

Mastering the EOS 77D concentrates on the more advanced features on your camera, building on your previous knowledge and experience. This will make your upgrade smooth and fast.

The EOS 77D has been developed with a focusing specification that has only been seen previously on more advanced cameras, which brings this advanced technology within the reach of many more photographers. The camera also makes a big leap forward with its Live View and Movie mode systems, improving autofocus performance and more. This technological development however means that there's also a steep learning curve.

As this camera is suitable for such a wide range of photographic subjects, it is equipped with an extensive range of controls that enable you to get the results you're after. With such a wide range of features this is a camera that has to be fully understood so as to best out of it.

You can make the EOS 77D your perfect camera – it's highly customisable – and with this eBook you'll get up to speed and your camera set up to suit your photography as quickly as possible.

194 pages long

Key topics
• Camera orientation and understanding the key controls
• Understanding the menu systems on the EOS 77D
• Getting the camera set up to suit your needs
• Understanding the new playback options
• Using the creative filter options
• Setting up and using the camera’s focusing system effectively
• Using and understanding all the focusing options
• Using custom functions and custom button controls
• Understanding and using the custom mode effectively
• Setting up and using the My menu system
• Understanding the in-camera image processing options
• How to customise and download Picture Styles
• Understanding the basic operation of live view and movie modes
• Understanding the 77D's basic Wi-Fi operation

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Here to help 01869 331741


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