Upgrading to the EOS 70D

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Moving to a new camera can be daunting: controls may have moved, there's new technology to understand and get to grips with before you can start to feel comfortable when shooting. And, as always, we all know that the instruction manual ought to be our first port of call, but...

Nina's second eBook in the Upgrading series focuses on existing EOS owners moving onto the 70D – a formidable and capable camera, with a higher specification focusing system found at an enthusiast level camera than ever before. For this reason alone it's a real leap up, whichever camera you're moving on from, so let Nina guide you through.

The EOS 70D is a great camera and its superb range of features allow you to take images in conditions that you won't have dreamed possible a few years back. Whilst many of the features were present on the EOS 7D, they have been adapted and simplified in the 70D, making it a highly accessible camera.

So if you haven't got round to reading the instruction manual cover to cover, don't worry. This 181-page eBook will digest the manual into manageable pieces, picking out the key elements you need to know so that you will fast-track your progress with this exciting camera.

181 pages long

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Here to help 01869 331741